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We are a company that deals with rental of cars, vans as well as delivery trucks. We have been operating on the market successfully for seven years so far, which ensures that we are a stable and experienced company, capable of providing our Clients with services of the highest standard. Our main office is located in Warsaw. In order to face the expectations of our Customers we have established another division in Cracow. However, in reality we do operate on the country’s whole area and are naturally at Your disposal twenty-four seven.

 Our cars

In order to meet the demands of Our Clients and maintain the high level of our services we offer a huge variety of vehicles. Moreover, we continually expand our offer and at the moment we have at our disposal more than 50 cars, all of them of the most renowned makes, nearly brand-new, with low mileage and pristine condition. While renting them, our Clients have no limits as far as the cars’ mileage is concerned. Additionally, full insurance package is included in the rental fee.

Additional services

Having in mind the comfort and safety of our Customers, most of our vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning and a number of safety systems, as well as full insurance package and 24/7 assistance.

The car’s equipment is always in match with Clients’ expectations, as well as with the season. That means that we provide proper tyres, winter wheel chains, roof-racks, GPS navigation, cellular phones, special seats for transporting children and all sorts of other materials that make Your trips easy and pleasurable.

Customer service

Since the very beginning of our activity on the market it has been our priority to be able to meet all of our Clients’ expectations. Therefore, we have made a very selective choice of vehicles and their equipment. However, it sometimes happens that what Clients value most is simply the price. On the basis of that we have built a perfect balance between the quality and the price, at the same time being very competitive and having the best cars possible.

Our regular customers are granted profitable discounts and have the opportunity to rent our cars on long-term bases. We are operating twenty-four seven and naturally deliver the vehicles at any location that the Client chooses.

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